Seac Symbol opaque



The SEAC Symbol Opaque snorkel mask, crafted in Italy, offers exceptional quality and innovative features, making it an ideal choice for divers seeking reliability and comfort. This dual-lens mask is designed to enhance your underwater experience with its advanced design and durable construction.

Key Features:

Advanced 3D Buckle System: The SEAC Symbol Opaque is equipped with an advanced 3D pivoting buckle that allows for precise strap adjustments, even when wearing thick gloves. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit throughout your dive.

Comfort-Enhancing Curved Edges: The mask features gently curved edges that increase the sealing surface, reducing pressure points and preventing marks on the face. This design provides optimal comfort, even during extended use.

Robust Tempered Glass Lenses: With 3 mm thick tempered glass lenses, the SEAC Symbol Opaque delivers excellent visibility and durability, ensuring you have a clear view of your underwater surroundings.

Prescription Lens Options: This mask is compatible with prescription lenses for both myopia and presbyopia, which can be easily installed to meet your vision needs (sold separately). Options for single vision and progressive lenses are available.

Italian Craftsmanship: The SEAC Symbol Opaque is proudly made by Seacsub in Italy, guaranteeing high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

Enhanced Comfort and Fit: The soft silicone skirt provides a comfortable and watertight seal, adapting perfectly to various face shapes. The design minimizes facial pressure, ensuring a snug fit without discomfort.


For divers in need of a reliable and comfortable mask, the SEAC Symbol Opaque is an excellent option. Its innovative design, compatibility with prescription lenses, and Italian craftsmanship make it suitable for all underwater activities.

Experience superior underwater clarity and comfort with the SEAC Symbol Opaque Snorkel Mask. For those interested in capturing their diving adventures, consider the SEAC Symbol Pro, designed for use with action cameras.

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