What Prescription Values Do I Need to Provide?

For your new diving mask, the prescription values from your current glasses are entirely sufficient. You can find these on a glasses passport, a new prescription, or the invoice from your last pair of glasses. It's important that you provide us with your Pupillary Distance (PD). This can be a total PD (e.g., 64mm) or individual (e.g., R 32mm and L 31mm).

Which Mask Suits Me?

At Diving Mask, you can choose between diving masks, snorkeling masks, and freediving masks. Each type has a different function and seal. When you put on a mask, it should generally adhere to the face by sucking in air. All our masks have a recommendation for whether they are suitable for narrow or wide faces. Due to the high-quality silicone, many masks fit a wide range of faces. A classic all-rounder mask, for example, is the Mares X-Vision or the TUSA CEOS. Teenagers will also find suitable options among the freediving masks, as they have a smaller internal volume.

Why are Contact Lenses Unsuitable for Diving?

You can dive with contact lenses, but we advise against it for hygiene reasons. Wearing contact lenses while diving can be unsuitable for beginners for three main reasons:

  1. Risk of Acanthamoeba Keratitis: Contact lenses can increase the risk of a painful eye infection called Acanthamoeba keratitis, as water in the sea or lake can contain tiny organisms like Acanthamoeba that can infect the eye.
  2. Complications with Mask Flooding: If your diving mask floods, contact lenses can shift, which can be irritating and difficult to correct, especially for beginners.
  3. Blurred Vision Due to Gas Pressure: Gas pressure in the mask can cause nitrogen to be absorbed by the contact lenses, leading to blurred vision after diving.

What Are the Delivery Times?

Normally, we need 14 to 16 days to manufacture a prescription diving mask. A diving mask is a high-quality and individual product, manufactured according to strict quality and safety standards. Since it is also a craft, it is not excluded that a mask may not meet our high quality standards. Therefore, the longer delivery time is necessary for us. Regardless of the delivery times, we always offer express delivery for an additional charge.

Where Can I Find My Prescription Values? You can find the prescription values and pupillary distance on your glasses passport or an optician's glasses invoice. If necessary, you can also send us your own glasses, and we will read the prescription values from them.

How is a Prescription Diving Mask Manufactured?

The manufacture of a prescription diving mask is a precise process. The lenses are individually adjusted, depending on the customer's prescription values and centering. They are carefully inserted into a mask frame made of soft silicone and fixed with special adhesive. This adhesive ensures a watertight connection. After curing and drying, a quality control is carried out to ensure tightness and visual quality. Finally, the mask is adjusted to the customer to ensure comfort and clear vision. This process requires precise craftsmanship and expertise.

Can I Claim My Mask?

We examine each complaint and customer request individually, as a prescription diving mask is a product made especially for our customers. We are always striving to find solutions that provide you with an exceptional diving experience.

Are There Local Shops?

Currently, we do not have a local shop or partners yet. However, we are working on a solution. If you are a diving instructor, a diving school, a dive shop, or an optician who would like to work with us, please contact us at support@diving-mask.com.

Where are the Diving Masks Produced?

We are a Germany-based company and glaze the masks in our own workshop. We use exclusively lenses from German producers nearby. For this reason, we can promise high quality and fast delivery worldwide.

How to Reach Diving Mask?

Currently, the fastest way to reach us is through our contact form, our chatbot, or by email at support@diving-mask.com. You can also leave us a callback request with the best time to reach you. It's not that we don't like to talk on the phone. However, we have found that we are better and faster in our work when we can fully concentrate on producing prescription diving masks. But we always guarantee a response within the next 24 hours.