Seac One 9449 clear



The SEAC One snorkel mask is expertly crafted to provide divers with an anatomically designed mask that offers superior comfort and performance. Made with high-quality hypoallergenic silicone, this mask ensures a perfect fit for every face shape.

Key Features:

Anatomical Design: The SEAC One features an anatomically shaped mask body made from premium hypoallergenic silicone, providing an excellent fit and maximum comfort during dives.

Optical Lens Compatibility: Transform the SEAC One into an optical mask with prescription lenses for farsighted divers. The mask supports lenses for myopia ranging from -1.0 to -6.0 diopters, tailored to your specific vision needs (sold separately).

Durable and Practical: Constructed with a polycarbonate frame and symmetrical tempered glass lenses, the SEAC One ensures durability and clear underwater vision. The "Easy Touch" system allows for effortless strap adjustments, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Sturdy Mask Box: The SEAC One comes with a robust, transparent mask box for convenient transport and storage. This versatile case can also be used for other diving masks.

SEAC SUB Quality: The SEAC One is designed for various underwater activities, including diving, snorkeling, freediving, and spearfishing. Available in five colors, with four in clear silicone and one in black silicone, it is ideal for all your aquatic adventures.

Low Internal Volume: Featuring a low internal volume, the SEAC One provides an optimal fit and minimizes the need for frequent equalization, enhancing your diving experience.


For divers seeking a high-quality mask that combines anatomical design, durability, and prescription lens compatibility, the SEAC One is an excellent choice. Its hypoallergenic silicone body, easy adjustment system, and versatile use make it perfect for snorkeling, diving, and spearfishing.

Experience unparalleled comfort and clarity with the SEAC One Snorkel Mask.

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