Seac Occhialini Ritmo Swimminggoggle



The SEAC Ritmo swimming goggles are designed for both pool and open water swimming, offering maximum comfort and functionality. These goggles feature high-quality materials and advanced technology, making them an excellent choice for swimmers of all levels.

Key Features:

Hypoallergenic Biologically Derived Silicone: The SEAC Ritmo goggles are made from hypoallergenic biological silicone, providing maximum softness and comfort for prolonged use.

Wide Field of Vision: The plastic lenses offer over 180° field of vision and 100% UV protection, ensuring clear and protected sight while swimming.

Anti-Fog and Scratch-Resistant Lenses: The lenses are equipped with an anti-fog system and scratch protection, ensuring clear vision and durability.

Quick Adjustment with Pulsar+ System: The innovative Pulsar+ system allows for quick and easy strap adjustments on both sides of the goggles, ensuring a perfect fit.

Prescription Lens Compatibility: The SEAC Ritmo can be fitted with prescription plastic lenses tailored to your individual vision needs. Note that unlike the Cressi Galileo, which uses mineral lenses, the SEAC Ritmo uses plastic lenses for prescription customization.

Universal Fit: Designed to fit both women and men comfortably, the SEAC Ritmo comes in two colors and includes an adjustable nose bridge for a customizable fit.

Protective Case Included: Each pair of SEAC Ritmo goggles comes with a sturdy protective case for convenient storage and transport after use.

Additional Features: Part of SEAC’s comprehensive swim line, the SEAC Ritmo goggles are complemented by other swim accessories, including swim belts, kickboards, pull buoys, short training fins, hand paddles, fabric and silicone earplugs, swimwear, nose clips, swim masks, rubber flip-flops, microfiber towels, and swim bags.


For swimmers seeking high-quality goggles that provide comfort, a wide field of vision, and UV protection, the SEAC Ritmo is an outstanding choice. With the ability to customize with prescription lenses and featuring advanced anti-fog and scratch-resistant technology, these goggles are perfect for enhancing your swimming experience.

Enjoy superior comfort and clarity with the SEAC Ritmo swimming goggles.

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