Seac Maschera Raptor



The SEAC Maschera Raptor snorkel mask is designed for divers who prioritize comfort and a wide field of view. This mask combines innovative frameless technology with high-quality materials to enhance your underwater experience.

Key Features:

Low-Volume Design: The SEAC Maschera Raptor features a low-volume mask design of 75 cm³, reducing the need for frequent equalization and making it ideal for deep dives.

Integrated Silicone Skirt: The soft silicone skirt is seamlessly integrated into the frame, providing a secure and comfortable fit that adapts to any face shape.

Optimal Wide Field of View: The frameless technology places the lenses closer to the eyes, significantly expanding the viewing angle and providing a panoramic underwater experience.

Exceptional Comfort: The mask offers great comfort with its soft silicone body, ensuring a snug fit on any facial structure while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive design.

Secure Back Strap: The back strap is designed to hold securely on the neoprene hood of your wetsuit, preventing the mask from slipping during dives.

Fine-Tuning Buckles: Made in Italy, the adjustable buckles allow for quick and precise fine-tuning of the strap, even when wearing thick gloves.

Prescription Lens Compatibility: The SEAC Maschera Raptor can be customized with single vision or progressive prescription lenses, tailored to your specific vision needs.


For divers seeking a mask that offers exceptional comfort, a wide field of view, and prescription lens compatibility, the SEAC Maschera Raptor is an outstanding choice. Its frameless design, high-quality silicone skirt, and secure strap make it perfect for all types of underwater exploration.

Experience the underwater world with unparalleled clarity and comfort with the SEAC Maschera Raptor Snorkel Mask.

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