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The SEAC Extreme 50 snorkel mask is designed to provide divers with superior comfort and versatility, making it an excellent choice for a variety of underwater activities. This mask features advanced design elements and is available in multiple color options, catering to both recreational diving and underwater spearfishing enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Exceptional Comfort: The SEAC Extreme 50 is equipped with a Tubing Connected System, integrating the buckles into the frame to minimize facial pressure. The wide silicone strap at the back ensures the mask stays securely in place during your dives.

Versatile Use: The SEAC Extreme 50 is available in seven colors, adapting to all underwater activities. Choose from clear silicone with blue, yellow, or black frames, or opt for one of the four camouflage colors: grey, brown, green, and blue.

Prescription Mask: Perfect for divers requiring prescription lenses, we supports lenses for all prescriptions. 

Maximum Safety: This mask features double tempered glass lenses, a soft sealing lip, and an adjustable hypoallergenic silicone strap, ensuring top safety and quality.

Practical Hard Case: The SEAC Extreme 50 comes with a durable hard case for convenient storage and protection after use.

High Comfort: The innovative Tubing Connected System reduces pressure on the face, while the soft sealing lip and strap, made from high-quality hypoallergenic silicone, ensure a comfortable fit.

Color Options: With seven color choices, including clear silicone with blue, yellow, or black frames, and camouflage options in grey, brown, green, and blue, the SEAC Extreme 50 suits any diving style.


For adult divers seeking a comfortable and versatile mask, the SEAC Extreme 50 is an excellent choice. Its innovative features, prescription lens compatibility, and variety of color options make it perfect for all underwater activities, from recreational diving to freediving.

Experience the underwater world with comfort and style with the SEAC Extreme 50 Snorkel Mask.

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