Poseidon ThreeDee


The Poseidon ThreeDee mask transforms your underwater adventures with its cutting-edge features and ergonomic design, delivering an immersive experience for divers who demand versatility and innovation in every dive. This state-of-the-art diving mask is tailored to provide unmatched visual clarity and comfort, setting a new standard for your underwater explorations.


Key Features:

Advanced 3D Lens System: The unique ThreeDee lens system offers an unparalleled panoramic view, immersing you in the vibrant underwater world. With this wide-angle technology, you can fully appreciate the marine life and landscapes around you.

Adaptable Prescription Lens Support: The ThreeDee mask accommodates prescription lenses, ensuring you have clear vision underwater without sacrificing your prescription needs. Dive confidently with single-vision or progressive lenses suited to your preferences.

Comfortable Silicone Skirt: The high-quality silicone skirt conforms seamlessly to your face, creating a secure, watertight seal. Enjoy extended dives with minimal water ingress and maximum comfort.

Quick-Adjust Strap System: The intuitive strap system allows you to easily customize the fit of your mask, ensuring it remains securely in place during your dives. Achieve a snug, reliable fit in seconds.

Durable and Impact-Resistant: Built to withstand the challenges of underwater environments, the tempered glass lenses offer maximum safety and impact resistance. The frame is designed to endure long-term exposure to saltwater and other elements, providing consistent performance




For divers who prioritize clarity and comfort, the Poseidon ThreeDee mask is the perfect choice. This advanced diving mask is crafted to balance safety, functionality, and innovation, ensuring a superior experience for all underwater explorers.

Discover a whole new world with the Poseidon ThreeDee Mask.

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