Oceanic DUO Diving Mask



Dive into the ocean depths confidently and clearly with the Oceanic DUO Diving Mask. This mask combines modern aesthetics with unparalleled functionality and is an essential accessory for divers who prioritize vision and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Large Field of View: The Oceanic DUO offers a large viewing window, ensuring that divers don't miss anything during their water adventures.
  • Seamless Fit: Made from high-quality materials, this mask perfectly conforms to various face shapes, providing a comfortable, leak-free experience.
  • Easy Adjustability: Oceanic's commitment to user-centered design is evident in the DUO's user-friendly strap adjustments, making fitting adjustments underwater a breeze.

Customizable Lenses:

  • Tailored Visual Experience: The DUO not only provides clear views; it can be customized to your individual vision needs. Whether you need single vision, progressive, or bifocal lenses like Franklin lenses, the DUO ensures you see the underwater world with utmost clarity.
  • Precise Lens Integration: Using specialized techniques, the wearer's prescription is expertly applied to the back of the mask's original glass. This unique method ensures consistent visual quality without the need for separate prescription panels.
  • Comprehensive Prescription Options: The DUO covers a wide range of vision prescriptions. For any unique or specific visual requirements, we are here to support and offer solutions.

Technical Details:

  • Materials: Made from high-quality hypoallergenic silicone, the DUO guarantees skin-friendly comfort on every dive. Its robust frame is a testament to Oceanic's commitment to durability.
  • Size: The mask's adaptable design, combined with the adjustable strap system, accommodates a variety of face sizes, promising a perfect fit.

Recommendation: The Oceanic DUO Diving Mask is the top choice for both hobby snorkelers and experienced divers. Its ability to cater to individual vision needs makes it an unmatched advantage in underwater explorations. Dive into a world of clarity, comfort, and tailored vision with the DUO.

Discover the secrets of the depths with precision – opt for the Oceanic DUO Diving Mask.

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