Mares X-Vision Mid 2.0 Diving Mask



Dive deep into the underwater world with the Mares X-Vision Mid 2.0 Diving Mask, a compact masterpiece specifically tailored for individuals with smaller facial profiles, offering a blend of exceptional design, unmatched clarity, and ultimate comfort.

Key Features:

Designed for the Perfect Fit: Exclusively crafted for individuals with smaller face sizes to ensure a snug, comfortable fit without compromises.

Expanded Field of View: Break through barriers with an increased field of vision, particularly upward. Experience the aquatic world like never before thanks to its innovative design.

Bi-Material Frame: The mask is made of a bi-material technopolymer, combining durability with flexibility. Soft-touch inserts highlight its ergonomic design and aesthetics.

X-Shaped Silicone Strap: Dive with confidence. The unique X-shaped strap ensures a flawless fit and guarantees maximum comfort and secure hold on every dive.

Prescription Compatible: We offer custom lenses in nearly every prescription, whether you need single-vision, progressive, or bifocal lenses. This means the Mares X-Vision Mid 2.0 can cater to your specific visual requirements. If your desired prescription is not available, please reach out for personal assistance.

Color Your Adventures: Express your style with three vibrant color options – Black-White/Black, Blue-White/Transparent, and Pink-White/Transparent.

Technical Details:

Hydrodynamic Excellence: The X-Vision Mid 2.0 is designed for fluid dynamics, ensuring seamless underwater exploration.

Supreme Silicone Skirt: Made from the finest silicone, this mask guarantees comfort and durability, dive after dive.


For athletes with a delicate facial profile and teens seeking a diving mask that harmonizes clarity, fit, and elegance, the Mares X-Vision Mid 2.0 is unparalleled. Every detail is carefully thought out to ensure that each dive becomes an unforgettable experience.

Plunge into the depths with the epitome of clarity and comfort – the Mares X-Vision Mid 2.0, an ideal small diving mask.

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