Mares X-Vision Diving Mask



Immerse yourself in unparalleled underwater panoramas with the Mares X-Vision Diving Mask. This meticulously designed and perfected mask is a testament to Mares' commitment to top-tier diving experiences.


Key Features:


  • Expanded Field of View: Dive deeper and see more. With a 20% larger field of view compared to its predecessor, the X-Vision guarantees expansive views of the ocean depths.
  • Ultra-Clear Silicone: Made from ultra-clear silicone, this mask promises clarity and durability without compromising comfort.
  • Pressure Relief Design: Say goodbye to discomfort with the mask's unique nose pocket, equipped with subtle ribs. These are carefully engineered to relieve pressure, making extended wear extremely comfortable.
  • Hydrodynamic Excellence: Developed with efficiency in mind, the mask features a hydrodynamic design that ensures smooth movement through water and minimizes resistance.
  • Quick-Adjust Side Buckles: Thick gloves? No problem. The X-Vision's side buckles allow for easy and quick strap adjustment, even with the thickest diving gloves.
  • X-Shaped Silicone Strap: An innovatively designed X-shaped strap ensures optimal fit, enhances comfort, and keeps the mask securely in place during your dive.

Customizable Lenses:


  • Optical Lens Integration: The X-Vision caters to divers with specific visual needs. Its lenses can be seamlessly replaced with optical lenses, ensuring every diver experiences crystal-clear underwater vistas.


Technical Details:


  • Chrome-Plated Frame: A touch of elegance meets functionality with the mask's chrome-plated frame, reflecting Mares' dedication to style and substance.
  • Bi-Silicone Skirt: The innovative bi-silicone skirt ensures an improved fit, perfectly adapting to different face shapes and promising increased comfort.



The Mares X-Vision Diving Mask is an unparalleled addition for divers of all levels. Its unique features, from the pressure relief design to customizable lenses, make it an essential tool for underwater exploration. Whether you're an amateur snorkeler or an experienced diving professional, the X-Vision ensures clarity, comfort, and convenience.

Discover the ocean's depths like never before with the Mares X-Vision Diving Mask.

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