Mares Wahoo Snorkeling and Diving Mask



While the Mares Wahoo mask is primarily recommended for snorkeling, its inherent design and functionality closely align with the performance capabilities of diving masks. Our assessment reveals a strong resemblance between the Wahoo and the predecessor model of today's X-Vision, a popular diving mask.

Key Features:

Dual-Function Design: Mares positions the Wahoo as a snorkeling mask. However, due to its similarity to the architecture of the renowned Mares X-Vision diving mask, it is suitable for both snorkelers and novice divers who do not dive too deep.

Crystal Clear Vision: During diving or snorkeling, the Wahoo offers an expansive field of view, allowing users to enjoy every nuance underwater, from intricate corals to pulsating marine life.

Prescription Compatible: The Mares Wahoo can easily be configured by us for prescription use and can be equipped with single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses.

Comfort and Fit: The mask features a soft silicone edge that ensures a comfortable and snug fit for various face shapes and sizes.

Easy Adjustability: Equipped with quick-adjust buckles, this mask ensures users can swiftly achieve the perfect fit, minimizing time wasted and maximizing exploration under the waves.

Technical Details:

Link to Legacy: Inspired by the first generation Mares X-Vision, this mask offers a proven design that has been enhanced for modern explorations.

Durability: The Wahoo is resistant to the challenges of both salt and freshwater environments, promising longevity and consistent performance.


The Mares Wahoo Snorkeling Mask is the ideal companion for all passionate about underwater exploration. Whether you're gliding over the surface or diving a bit deeper, the combination of functionality and comfort in the mask ensures that each journey becomes a visual pleasure.

Dive into your next adventure and immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean with the Mares Wahoo Snorkeling and Diving Mask, optimized for prescription diving mask users.

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