Mares Trygon Junior Snorkel Set



The ideal underwater companion for your young explorers: the Mares Trygon Junior diving and snorkeling mask. This diving mask is tailored for children aged 8 to 14 years but is also suitable for younger children depending on their size, offering an exceptional blend of comfort and safety.

The Mares Trygon Junior diving mask is not only practical and user-friendly but its high-quality silicone construction also promises durability and resilience in the harshest underwater environments. The integrated adjustment buckles in the facial area ensure a good fit, providing security and comfort during underwater explorations.

Key Features:


Youthful Design: Specially designed for children to ensure a good fit during exciting underwater adventures.

Clarity Underwater: The clear lenses of the Trygon Junior diving mask provide a wide, unobstructed view of the marine world, ensuring that your child doesn't miss a thing.
Optional Prescription Lenses: We understand the importance of clear vision. We offer custom and tailored prescription lenses to ensure your child's vision underwater is just as sharp as on land.

Robust Silicone Construction: Made from robust silicone, the mask promises durability and ensures that it remains your child's diving companion for years.
Anti-Splash Snorkel: The included snorkel is equipped with anti-splash technology, ensuring a smoother snorkeling experience.

Technical Details:

Adjustable Features: Easy-to-use adjustment buckles ensure an easy fit and ensure the mask stays securely in place during the dive.

Easy Breathing: The snorkel's design allows for effortless breathing at the surface without having to lift the head out of the water.

Quick Release: When the mask needs to be removed quickly, the quick-release system ensures it can be taken off in an instant.

Maintenance Tips: Always remember to rinse the diving mask with fresh water after each use in saltwater and treat the lenses with an anti-fog solution before diving.



The Mares Trygon Junior diving mask is the perfect gift for aspiring ocean enthusiasts. Whether diving near the shore or snorkeling at the beach, this mask provides safety and a clear view of the enchanting underwater world. Equip your young diver with the best—let their underwater adventures begin with the Mares Trygon Junior.

Explore deeper, see clearer, and ensure every dive is unforgettable for young adventurers—with the Mares Trygon Junior diving mask.

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