Mares Sealhoutte


Dive into a new dimension of underwater exploration with the Mares Sealhoutte diving mask. The Sealhoutte is one of Mares' most popular diving masks, well-suited for deep-sea diving, apnea diving, and spearfishing.

Key Features:

Wide Field of View: With the Sealhoutte diving mask, you have access to an unparalleled wide view that showcases the underwater world in all its glory.

Optimized Fit: Its sleek and efficient design provides a perfect fit, accommodating various face shapes while ensuring a secure seal.

Crystal Clear Vision: The mask's ultra-clear glass ensures a transparent and undistorted view, revealing the true intensity of ocean colors.

Optional Prescription Lenses: The Sealhoutte offers the unique feature of personalized prescription lens solutions. Using a special process, we apply the wearer's prescription from the back directly onto the original glass. This ensures clarity tailored to the wearer's specific needs, whether it's single-vision, progressive, or bifocal lenses in the Franklin style. We cover nearly all prescriptions. If you have any uncertainties about your specific vision needs, please contact us for guidance.

User-Friendly: With user-friendly, easily adjustable buckles, you can quickly customize the mask's fit to your preferences.

Technical Details:

Materials: The mask is
made from high-quality hypoallergenic silicone, ensuring unparalleled comfort and durability.
Size: Its adjustable strap system ensures a perfect fit for every facial contour.

Versatility in Use: While the Mares Sealhoutte is particularly popular among freedivers and spearfishers, it's also perfect for regular recreational diving. Its low volume and custom fit make it the top choice for divers of all kinds.



The Mares Sealhoutte diving mask is ideal for recreational divers and professionals who value quality, comfort, and a wide field of view.

Dive with clarity, comfort, and the best—the Mares Sealhoutte diving mask.lhoutte-Tauchmaske.

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