Mares Pirate Snorkeling Set



Create unforgettable underwater adventures with the Mares Pirate Diving Mask. This mask is primarily designed for young marine explorers aged 8 to 14, and its flexibility has even captivated children as young as 5 or 6. Equipped with single-vision lenses in almost any prescription, the Mares Pirate ensures clarity beneath the waves, making it the ideal choice for children with special vision needs.

Key Features:

1. Kid-Friendly Design: An ergonomic mask with a silicone facepiece ensures a comfortable and tailored fit, specifically crafted for young users.

2. Wide-Field of Vision: The wide-angle lenses ensure that your child doesn't miss any details underwater.

3. Fuji Junior Snorkel: Along with the Pirate mask, you'll receive the Fuji Junior snorkel, complete with an anti-splash system and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece.

4. Suitable for Prescriptions: Unique among children's masks, the Pirate can be customized with single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, making it a premium diving mask for children with prescriptions.

Technical Details:

Versatile Use: While primarily designed for snorkeling, its inherent design also allows it to be used for introductory scuba diving.

Safety and Durability: The Pirate set is manufactured to Mares' quality standards, promising both safety and longevity.


The Mares Pirate Kids' Diving Mask is officially designed for children's snorkeling and is a perfect starter set for young underwater adventurers. Your child has never admired the underwater world with such clarity before. This set is specially designed for young adventurers aged 8 to 14 but is also suitable for younger children, promising fun underwater excursions. Even adults with narrower heads will find it a good fit.outte diving mask.

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