Cressi Minima Apnea Diving Mask


For deep-sea diving enthusiasts who prioritize minimalism without compromising on quality, the Cressi Minima is an unparalleled choice. It has been specifically designed for deep diving.

Key Features:

Engineered for Depth: With a unique reduced edge and a small sealing ring, the Minima provides an almost suction-like grip on the face, allowing for minimal airspace inside for easier equalization.

Optimized Visibility: The lens-to-eye distance is the smallest on the market, offering exceptional visibility in all directions, even with smaller diameter lenses.

Prescription Adaptation: To cater to the individual needs of each diver, the Minima can be customized with single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, making it a top-quality prescription dive mask.

Safety Comes First: Thicker optical glass lenses not only provide clear vision but are also designed for enhanced safety.

Easy Adjustments: The strap is equipped with instantly adjustable buckles, ensuring a precise fit even during a dive.

Technical Details:

Specialized Design: The Minima is specially crafted for deep-sea diving and incorporates features that classify it as elite in its field.

Durable and Resilient: Like all Cressi products, this mask guarantees durability and withstands deep dives and challenging underwater environments.


The Cressi Minima is a testament to dive precision and craftsmanship. It is a top recommendation for any apnea and deep-sea diving enthusiast.

Experience the depths of the ocean with unparalleled clarity with the Cressi der Cressi Minima.

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