Cressi Calibro Apnoe Diving Mask


The Cressi Calibro diving mask is not only ideal for apnea enthusiasts and freedivers but also comes with optional prescription strength lenses. This feature makes it a top choice for those needing prescription diving masks. Apnea masks are known for their low internal volume, which makes it easier to equalize pressure during deep dives. This is particularly beneficial for divers who wish to explore deeper waters for longer durations without an oxygen apparatus

Key Features:

  • Focused Vision: In the depths, where clarity is most crucial, the Calibro offers an unparalleled visual experience. Its sleek design and crystal-clear lenses provide a panoramic view of the underwater world.
  • Fog-Free Technology: The innovative nasal pocket design of the Calibro minimizes fogging, which enables longer and uninterrupted dives.
  • Optional Prescription Strength: Catering to individual needs, the Calibro offers customized lenses ranging from single vision to progressive and bifocal lenses, precisely crafted according to your prescription. If the desired prescription is not immediately available, please contact us for assistance.
  • Low Internal Volume: A critical design feature for freedivers, the Calibro's low volume facilitates easier equalization during deep dives and minimizes the need for frequent adjustments.
  • Compact Fit: Designed to closely contour the human face, the Calibro ensures minimal water ingress and optimal sealing, making it suitable for teenagers and children from 6 years old as well.


    technical details:


    • Flexible Strap System: The adjustable strap system ensures stability and comfort. It is durable and intuitive, allowing for easy adjustments even when wearing gloves.
    • Durable Construction: The Calibro upholds Cressi's promise of resilience, adeptly handling the pressures of deep dives and the challenges of saltwater environments



    The Cressi Calibro Freediving Mask, with its optional prescription lenses, is the first choice for divers pushing the boundaries in freediving. Combining unparalleled visibility, comfort, and technical superiority, this mask is an essential piece of equipment for every apnea enthusiast. Dive deeper, experience the majesty of the ocean, and maintain clear vision with the Cressi Calibro Freediving Mask, a superior prescription diving mask.

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