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Discover a new dimension of clarity underwater with the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Prescription Diving Mask. Renowned for its innovative lens design, this mask revolutionizes underwater vision by offering a wide-angle view and expanding the possibilities for underwater exploration.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Lens Design: The unique inclined lens system of the Big Eyes Evolution not only provides a larger field of view but also reduces the internal volume. Enjoy better visibility and easier pressure equalization.
  • Crystal Clear Vision: Dive in and discover the underwater world with all its colors and details. The high-quality, transparent silicone frame allows for excellent all-around vision.
  • Prescription Diving Mask: Don't compromise your diving experiences due to vision problems. The Big Eyes Evolution can be equipped with corrective lenses and is available in both single vision and progressive options, ensuring clarity at any depth.
  • Perfect Facial Fit: Thanks to its soft silicone frame that perfectly adapts to different face shapes, the Big Eyes Evolution guarantees an excellent seal and provides maximum comfort on every dive.
  • Easily Adjustable Buckles: The innovative buckle system, integrated directly into the mask frame, allows for quick and easy adjustment, even underwater.


Technical Details:


Durable and Robust: Designed to withstand both salt and freshwater, the Big Eyes Evolution promises a long lifespan and consistently high performance.

Safety First: With hardened glass lenses, the mask is well protected against potential impacts and scratches.



For divers looking to elevate their underwater experience to the next level, the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Prescription Diving Mask is the first choice. It combines top-class optics with the utmost comfort and safety, underscoring Cressi's commitment to premium diving products.

Experience the depths of the ocean in a new light and be enchanted by the wonders of the underwater world – with the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Prescription Diving Mask, one of Cressi's most popular diving masks

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