Safety and Record Aspirations as a Freediver

In the heart of Tyrol, on the frozen surface of Lake Visalp, Peter Colat is preparing for an endeavor that could redefine the boundaries of freediving. The 52-year-old freediver from Uster has set himself the ambitious goal of traveling at least 105.1 meters under a 16-centimeter-thick ice sheet without taking a breath. A potential world record that is causing a stir in the world of apnea diving.

Colat, a veteran of freediving, understands the importance of precise preparation and the right equipment. He wears a special prescription apnea diving mask, which not only ensures clear vision underwater but also stands for safety and reliability. This mask is essential for glasses wearers who want to achieve their best performance in freediving, as clear vision underwater is crucial for safety and success.

His career began 28 years ago by chance during a vacation in Greece when he realized he could stay underwater longer than his friends. This discovery led him to professional apnea diving, where he quickly rose to become one of the top athletes in his class. Since then, Colat has achieved impressive feats, including holding his breath for 21 minutes and 33 seconds after inhaling oxygen, a then-world record in static diving.

Colat has spent half a year intensively training for today's dive. He used every training session in the indoor pool to improve his technique and physical condition. This disciplined preparation is crucial to withstand the physical and psychological challenges of freediving under extreme conditions.

The mental component is as important in freediving as the physical one. Colat uses the silence under the ice to mentally center himself and optimize his performance. This ability to calm and focus is key to his success. Before diving into the icy waters of Lake Visalp, Colat prepares himself with a special breathing technique he calls "Carp." This technique allows him to maximize his lung capacity and take up to 13 liters of air.

Freedivers like Colat use the cold conditions of the lake to their advantage, as the cold accelerates the swimming strokes. However, it is crucial to remain relaxed and in control. A good safety team is essential. Several holes are strategically placed in the ice to ensure quick access to the surface, and experienced divers accompany Colat to intervene quickly if necessary.

Peter Colat is facing what could be the highlight of his impressive career in apnea diving. This dive could not only set a new world record but also be a fitting conclusion to his competitive career. For freedivers like him who dive under extreme conditions, wearing a prescription apnea diving mask is not just a matter of performance but also of safety. It allows them to see the fascinating underwater world clearly while diving safely and confidently.

Peter Colat's commitment and passion for apnea diving show that with the right preparation, equipment, and attitude, extraordinary achievements are possible. His upcoming dive under the ice of Lake Visalp is an inspiring example of how to push boundaries and set new records.


Source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung

April 12, 2024 — GT