Your Own Mask


Experience the captivating underwater world by customizing and adapting your own prescription diving mask. We offer you the opportunity to create a personalized diving mask tailored to your individual vision needs. Utilize your existing diving mask and have it fitted with prescription lenses according to your requirements. You will receive the workshop address for sending your mask after purchase.

Good reasons

Familiar Diving Experience: Keep your beloved diving mask and avoid adapting to a new product.

Cost-Efficiency: Instead of purchasing a new diving mask, customize your existing one to your vision needs and save on costs

How it works:

1. Place Your Order: Place an order for customizing your diving mask.

2. Send Your Mask: Send us your already-owned diving mask to the workshop address provided after purchase.

3. Tailored Lens Information: Our experienced technicians will equip your mask with the appropriate prescription lenses. Virtually all prescription strengths, whether single vision or multifocal, can be accommodated.

4. Return: We will send you back your individually customized diving mask, ready for your next underwater adventure.

Lens Information:

Craftsmanship: Our experienced workshop in Germany performs the customization of your diving mask with the utmost precision, ensuring that your vision requirements are optimally met.

Made in Germany: All our products are manufactured in Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Simple Selection: In the next step, you can easily choose between single vision lenses or multifocal lenses.

Embark on your underwater explorations with your personally customized diving mask, and relish in clear vision tailored specifically to your sight requirements."

Questions about the product?

Feel free to contact us anytime through our contact page here.


You can find all information about the withdrawal here.

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