Cressi Marea Diving Mask – adult



Begin your diving adventures with unparalleled clarity and comfort using the Cressi Marea diving mask. As a masterpiece from Cressi's renowned product range, the Marea combines decades of diving experience with innovative design elements, making it the top choice for both beginners and experienced divers.

Key Features:

Crystal Clear Clarity: The Marea's dual-lens design maximizes your underwater field of vision, ensuring that every underwater wonder is within your sight.

Prescription Ready: Dive with confidence and clarity. The Marea is optimized for corrective lenses and is available in single vision and progressive lenses. Experience the depths of the ocean without compromising your vision.

Adaptive Silicone Skirt: Enjoy a comfortable fit regardless of your face shape. The mask's high-quality silicone skirt conforms to the contours of your face, ensuring an optimal seal and unmatched comfort.

Effortless Adjustability: Equipped with intuitive strap adjustments, the Marea promises a secure fit, easy customization, and quick on-and-off.

Technical Details:

Durability Meets Design: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Marea withstands the corrosive effects of saltwater and the pressures underwater while maintaining an elegant and modern aesthetic.

Safety First: The mask's tempered glass lenses provide safety and resistance against potential impacts underwater.


The Cressi Marea diving mask is available in two versions: Adult and Junior. The Adult version offers a comfortable fit and is preferred for narrower to medium-sized faces.

Get your diving mask fitted with prescription lenses and dive with precise vision.

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