Cressi Action Diving Mask



The Cressi Action Diving Mask is more than just a diving mask; it's your underwater companion that records every water adventure. By combining the long-standing quality tradition of Cressi with a unique camera mount feature, it is the preferred choice for divers who want to document their underwater experiences.


Key Features:

Integrated Camera Mount: Never miss an underwater moment again. The innovative design of the Action includes a mount for action cameras, allowing you to capture every swim, dive, and aquatic wonder.

Clear Vision on Every Dive: The Action's dual-lens system provides a wide view of the marine world, ensuring that each dive is as breathtaking as the last.

Suitable for Prescription Lenses: The Action ensures unparalleled clarity and is designed for prescription eyeglasses. It is available in single-vision and progressive lenses. Dive deeper without compromising on your vision.

Flexible Silicone Skirt: Adaptability at its finest. The high-quality silicone skirt ensures a tight seal, reduces water ingress, and easily conforms to a variety of face shapes.

Easy Adjustments on the Go: With the intuitive strap system, achieving the perfect fit is a breeze, ensuring the mask is both secure and comfortable.


Technical Details:

Resistant to Saltwater: Made from premium materials, the Action is designed to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater, ensuring durability and performance dive after dive.

Safety Comes First: The tempered glass lenses provide protection against potential impacts, ensuring that your underwater adventures remain risk-free.



For divers who love to capture their underwater excursions, the Cressi Action Prescription Diving Mask is a true revolution. It's the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and brand quality.

Explore the depths, capture every moment: Dive with unparalleled clarity with the Cressi Action Prescription Diving Mask.


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